Acids have a broad array of applications from food additives, pharmaceuticals, to manufacturing of other chemicals. We at Servochem pride ourselves at being unparalleled market leaders in bench acids namely Hydrochloric Acid & Sulphuric Acid.

    Modern consumers strive to strike a balance between nutrition and convenience. Servochem's food & beverage additives play a vital role in improving nutritional value and in maintaining product consistency and wholesomeness.
  • OIL & GAS:

    As oil and gas resources become more difficult to reach, produce and treat, Servochem commits to maximizing value for our customers by offering innovative, customized solutions that can help solve the some of the market's most pressing challenges, such as maximizing supply, improving efficiencies and managing emissions.

    Clean water is one of the world's most scarce and crucial resources. At Servochem we understand that there is no room for error when you're responsible for bringing water to consumers around the world and thus provide you with unparalleled product quality as well as our expertise for the most reliable and efficient water related solutions.